Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Artifical Life Created in Laboratory? No but a Big Step Forward

It looks like artifical life has been created recently. Dr. Mark Venter with the help
of a software program and a pre-existing bacterial host with it's Dna created a synthetic cell. So does this prove that evolution is a random natural process? or could it be that intelligence aids in the process?. By looking at this recent experiment i have to say that it is intelligence that aided in the process, because the pre-existing bacterial host with it's Dna itself has intelligence that aided in the process of creating the synthetic cell.

Of course that is my interpretation of what happened I'm sure N aturalists would disagree with me. It certainly is groundbreaking and will lead too new cures for diseases, Artificial DNA might also solve the problem of developing vaccines for quickly evolving viruses like the common cold or HIV, creating biofuels that would help clean the environment.

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