Sunday, July 25, 2010

My Father is in the hospital but fine now

First he went to the hospital then his heart was racing with a lot of fluid built up in his heart and lungs the doctor he took a minor heart attack reducing his heart function from 30 percent to 20 percent. The doctor said the next one would probably be a massive heartache, luckily however the medication they gave him actually worked and now all of the fluid is gone around his lungs and heart. He had some breathing issues too because of the fluid but the x-rays done on his chest all three of them showed that he is ok.

He is still in the ICU room for now, but will probably be moved down to the ward soon. What a weekend this was!!!.

Update: I was wrong my father passed away on Sunday apparently only some of the fluid left his lungs and around his heart. He took a massive heartache on Sunday. I miss him so much!!! I love you dad!!!

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