Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Why Saying Consciousness is energy is wrong!!!

There is a category mistake i get from a quite a few spiritual people and that is that because cannot be created or destroyed that it applies to consciousness. WRONG we know that matter is energy so that energy is just for the maggots, worms etc that eat your body when you are buried. So it would have to be some quantized energy packet that quantum physics talks about like the many world interpretations where is a conservation of energy.

Materialists always mention Gilbert Ryle a behaviorist book on substance dualism trying to discredit the ghost in the machine argument. I would say that the ghost in the machine argument obviously doesn't make any sense if there is a little man in the brain of instead the soul as similiar to the physical appearance of the physical body. The materialists don't obviously mention how behaviorism was a great failure a field that was a complete disaster.

For their to be afterlife there obviously would have to be a different type of matter that the soul is, dark matter if you will that would be indestructible. Also the laws of the physics would be different. That is what you have if you think parallel universes is true.

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