Tuesday, January 8, 2013

University Professor to study life after death

Well well A university professor John Martin Fischer wants to study life after death and get scientists involved in it with a 5 million dollar fund. The problem is there is already an vastly abundant amount of scientific evidence for life after death. Why reinvent the wheel?. Is mainstream science going to be open minded about this research like that were before?. Which history clearly shows they weren't they shoved it off as pure nonsense. Sure adding more evidence to an mountain of evidence doesn't hurt however giving the impression that no hardcore research has been done on this topic is laughable. Also, knowing this philosopher is a christian don't mean he's closed minded no. It means though we very well could skew the data to fit his christian worldview. He can ignore the overwhelming evidence for the existence of an afterlife that doesn't fit into a christian worldview all he wants but it comes with a price. A price in the truth.

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