Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Materialist's all wound up for sound

In a recent article posted by many multiple sources an experiment seems to show something that has been shown before however this time it looks like it's been proven. The materialist neurologist Steven Novella says that the general public shouldn't be hoodwinked into such views that reality doesn't exist if observers don't measure. Here is the article here. What this experiment shows is that ALL of living beings bring existence into being. If a person dies reality will still exist but if the whole of all living things were to be destroyed then reality would not exist not just in the micro level but also at the macro level too as quantum weirdness does scale up to the macro level of reality. This would not show materialism is false but it would show that the realist approach itself is in serious trouble. Paul Parnell a user on the blog is trying to help educate Dr. Steven Novella in the comment section about why observation is important in quantum mechanics. Of course, he says consciousness has nothing to do with observation. Others would disagree with that such as physicist Andrei Linde among others.


Here is Dr. Steven Novella attack on the article because it goes against realism/materialism.


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