Saturday, June 18, 2016

More typical argument's against the idea of an afterlife

1. What benefits has an paranormal/supernatural belief had on humanity as a whole?

Well let's see extensive research has been done on mental mediumship and the data from there shows clearly that people are helped greatly in grief when they are touch with loved ones from the otherside. Also, there is a lot of strong evidence for the existence of an afterlife a lot follows from this evidence. So this clearly also benefits humanity as a whole as well.

2. "You know they say if it's too good to be true it probably is".

This argument looks like a powerful argument however it is not. If their is very strong evidence for the existence of an afterlife this argument loses it's merit. Which there is.

3. Why is there no ghost's of dinosaurs along with other animals that have lived long before humans?

As far as I gather, their is a human connection to certain things. For example humans, are connected to domestic pets such as cats, dogs etc. There is a great love loss between a human and a dinosaur. As dinosaurs see humans of course as food along with all other smaller animals. Knowing so they do this on the physical plane must likely it would be the same on the spiritual plane.

4. Why do ghosts always wear clothes?. If they really were real ghosts instead of some hallucination than we would expect them to be naked instead

Actually no we would not they want to be presentable and in a noticeable way. They only wear clothes they most matches their identity. '

5. "The problem with paranormal experiences is nothing follows from it neither scientific or whatever else".

I disagree strongly a lot follows from paranormal experiences. Not all experiences are real encounters with the otherside. Many of them can be explain by physical explanations. However their are a lot that have withstood the test of time and they are not going to go away.

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