Monday, August 28, 2017

Wisdom Teeth update and a little rant

Well, I went to Doctor's office all my blood work is perfect!. That is good news knowing that I am still waiting on getting all four of my wisdom teeth out. I got to get it down to Fall River Nova Scotia that is located in Halifax. There is a doctor there that does a lot of different operations. The way my wisdom teeth grew in they are right near the bones in my mouth. So more caution has to be taken. They will put me to sleep with a sedative and there will be a lot of cutting involved. My blood platelets were low before under 50,000 now they are up to 140,000 which is good. I will most likely have more blood work to get done there in Halifax before they do the operation. So my doctor wrote a letter to my employment worker stating I will be taking a leave of absence for awhile because of my operation. I will most likely not be on my feet for awhile after that.

Lately, I have been seeing a lot of friends I know from High School getting married and having kids. I am very happy for them. Big life changing moments for sure. I am not the selfish type so I don't think why can that be me?. As I am getting older myself I often think about those things. I know that if a person was to get married with another person. Make sure that you really love them. Also, do you see yourself with the person you love let's say for 5 years? 10 years? etc. If you don't maybe you should think about marrying them first. Plus, you have to be really really sure that you love them with all your heart. I am sorry about the rant but I do have a lot on my mind. I may go for a walk later. As it is nice outside and I like the cooler weather better than the hot humid sticky weather. I am going to watch WWE Monday Night Raw tonight.

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Anonymous said...

Have you been red pilled yet?

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