Sunday, June 1, 2008

Why Classical Neurocomputation Fails To Explain Consciousness

First I want to make clear in my opinion computers are not conscious and many scientists agree with me such as John Searle, Stuart Hameroff, Roger Penrose etc.]

Evidence against classical neurocomputation are as follows:

The major difficulties it has with unconscious-to-conscious transitions, binding, synchrony, subjectivity.

To bridge that gap though Stuart Hameroff suggests that the brain is both a neurocomputer and quantum computer.

Orch OR and neurocomputation are compatible and question whether neurocomputation alone can physiologically account for coherent gamma synchrony EEG, a candidate for the neural correlate of consciousness.

The theory of orch or does has a interesting twist to it if proven true one of the conseguences would be

1. Interconnectiondness among living beings in the universe: entanglement
2. Cosmic Intelligence/Platonic values in touch with our conscious perceptions and choices Penrose non-computable effect.
3. Conscious existence after death Soul: Quantum information in spacetime geometry where that information released by the microtubles into space gets entanglment causing a dreamlike afterlife.

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