Monday, January 19, 2009

Could Their Be A Quantum Basis For Psi?

Here is a interesting youtube video of an atheist who goes under a youtube screename "aikiboy111111". He talks about a quantum physics being possibly the basis for ESP etc.

He says if gravitons and salneutrinos were able to actually move through our universe line, and enter these warped dimensions in the bulk. They could exit one point in our spacetime, re-enter another either traveling backwards in time or apparently traveling ftl. So the graviton base signaling system that he proposes which could be a basis for ESP etc. Apparently does have some theoretical basis in terms of M theory. Apparently this new mechanism is being tested from a new scientist's article in 2006 by something called the mini boom experiment, from the femi lab partical accelerator lab and proof of this particular theoretical model for time travel for gravitons and stalneutrinos should be available already.

Update: I have checked his youtube account and their is no follow up yet. It will be interesting to see what this experiment shows.

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