Monday, January 26, 2009

The Trouble Of Talking With Materialists

The big problems i have with talking with materialists is that

1] They are certain they are right[ note: not all are like this but many are]
2] Namecalling such as crackpot idea, pseudoscience etc
3] Using double standards when it comes to evidence

These are common tactics for materialists to use. I mentioned to a materialist that he is ignoring over 150 years of psychical research on the survival hypothesis. What does he say in response, he uses a laughing smiling rolling around. Of course cognitive dissonance is a powerful thing and in this case, he surely is using it. If he took the time to let his preassumptions go to a side. Then look at this evidence i talk about among over survivalists, then concluded his honest assessment. Then I would say he is being an open skeptic.

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