Friday, March 13, 2009

Life Afterlife Videos On Youtube

Here is part 4 of the series of videos. Watch as the 5 test mediums perform brilliantly with a subject whom they cannot see and who only answers yes and no.


sbu said...

It undermines the credibility of your blog that you are refering to pseudo-scientists like Gary Schwartz(featured in the youtube).

He is not publishing the full transcripts of his sessions, his work is not publish in peer reviewed journals - just to many some allegations agaisnt him.

On the web he styles himself as:
GARY E. SCHWARTZ, Ph.D., Director of the VERITAS Research Program, is a professor of Psychology, Medicine, Neurology, Psychiatry, and Surgery at the University of Arizona

What appears to be the case is that Schwartz is a professor of psychology, period.

Exaggeration is not an ideal quality in a paranormal researcher, to put it mildly.

Leo MacDonald said...

I admit those objections that you mentions definitely cast some doubt on him being an good paranormal researcher. This appears to be a case of "academic degree inflation."

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