Friday, June 5, 2009

How Much Water Should We All Drink?

It's said by many 8 glasses of water besides juices, tea, coffee, pop that you drink throughout the day. However that is a misconception apparently because we can get a lot of water from the food we eat during the day. My Mom drink way more water than 8 glasses a day and does a lot of salt in her body. She doesn't consume it all at once, it is throughout 24 hours, she drinks water when she is at bed at night too. I always try to drink some water hehe, oh boy i am hooked on that old pop, especially pepsi pop i love it. I don't like coca cola that much at all.

Anyways back to water, it really is up to us when we feel thristy to drink water, its said too even before feeling thristy you should drink water. But I am starting to really like drinking water again.

In Scientific American their is an article called Fact or Fiction? You Must Drink 8 Glasses Of Water Daily. One quote i like to point out is this one which is very true and to the point.

"Water requirements depend so much on outside temperature, activity levels and other factors that there isn't one rule that fits everybody,"

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