Monday, June 29, 2009

Alcohol's Affect On The Mind Does It Show Evidence For The Production Theory?

It could, but it is also conceivable that the brain is a complex radio receiver. To explain the effects of alcohol on the mind, let's say their is alcohol in the radio itself like what happens when a person consumes affect, what happens is the radio is affected and so is the music, that is what happens when people consume alcohol their mind gets altered the same we would expect when their is alcohol in the radio.

On another note here is an interesting article called " ESP and the lottery


Zachary Hill said...
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Zachary Hill said...

WTF????...haha. Why would a group of people commit their time to making a website about this crap? It's like the National Inquirer. Advertising dollars maybe? Guess I'm dumb enough to read it, haha.

Zachary Hill said...

Try to read it, that is. I think the person who wrote it was drunk, haha.