Thursday, July 2, 2009

Michael Jackson In The Sky?

Some people believe this is the face of Michael Jackson who recently died a week ago. I am not so keen to think so, based on the fact that our brains can see patterns and interpret as something meaningful, the same with other people who claim to see jesus in a chip etc. But it sure is quite a coincidence without a doubt it is. Also their have been people trying to communicate with Michael from beyond the grave that i do put merit in based on the fact it has been demonstrated many times among well credential scientists.

You can check out the image here

Yes if you look at the picture it does look like Michael Jackson's face in the clouds is a younger look of what his face was before. If you follow christainity you probably would more than likely believe that is his face in the clouds, of course i can't say it isn't, a lot of christians believe that their loved ones are watching over them from above. The problem i have with this why would they be watching over their loved ones from the clouds? why not from another realm of reality?. It obviously goes by the literal interpretation of the bible of heaven is above and hell is below so christians believe that hell is at the bottom core of the earth and heaven is in the clouds. I rather follow spiritualism myself i think they have a rational view on what the afterlife is all about.

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