Sunday, July 19, 2009

The Transition We Call Death

Their is an enormous wealth of evidence showing that we transition from death, our soul leaves our body. So it appears their is nothing to fear about death we will not it appears go into a state of oblivion for eternity. Of course psychical researchers could be wrong and that all of the evidence gathered from psychical research supporting survival could all be just self deception and fraud etc. But that appears to be unlikely but of course we can never ever completely rule out fraud and self deception and delusion. Even if super psi was real this would not imply that death is the end either this would show that information survives death and it gathered into some medium in space. Of course that wouldn't be personal survival but it would be survival nonetheless.

I quote from Raynor C. Johnson

"To sum up: we have enough trustworthy evidence to anticipate our survival of the change called death. If our conception of the Self as a hierarchy is true in broad outline - as I believe it is - we have enough to anticipate a great deal more. For myself, Birth and Death seem to be respectively the great Exile and the great Returning Home. I expect, when the immediate shock of change is over, to find myself with a body familiar to me (because it has always been a possession without my realising it), in a country from which come thronging back to me welcoming echoes of old familiarity. It will still be a world of Appearance; but since one veil at least will then have fallen from the face of Truth, I shall expect to find myself more responsive to her Eternal Beauty as I set out again - a pilgrim on the endless Way".

I agree 100 percent, this was his view back in 1953, now their is even more evidence that continues to accumulate more and more.

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Anonymous said...

This post is very reassuring. Now, everyone believes in their own things. I too believe in my own thing. I truly believe death is only a transition and we are all spiritually connected through love, obviously the most with your loved ones (wife/husband, children, friends, family).

I do not believe in the saying 'till death do us part', for that reason. Obviously yeah, when you're married or whatever and one of you passes, it makes sense in a physical sense. But the spiritual connection is too strong to be broken just like that. So I believe your spiritual connections will always transcend everything.

I'm not even really that much of a spiritual person or a religious one, but this is really what I believe in. And believing that makes me happy and content.

I'm 21 and I just had a rough and tough week behind me. It was a sudden phase, like how everybody goes through phases. I was just really thinking hard about stuff, life and death, life after death, what the future will be like.

ALL I care about in the end is to be reunited with my loved ones after we pass. I'll be joining them, I don't know how, obviously no one really does for sure. But eventually, we join each other in one way or another.

'Everything is going to be alright' is my #1 ultimate life saying.

Thanks, Nick

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