Sunday, July 5, 2009

The Myth Of Chemical Imbalances In The Brain

According to a youtube video user after research this topic of chemical imbalances she found their is no evidence for chemical imbalances that it's a fad from psychiatrists who support reductionism. Go here to check it out ... annel_page

Here is a site to that is linked to the youtube video on the myth of chemical imbalances which deals with not just that topic but other maistream myths in nutrition, health and disease.

Other sites related are


MartyL23 said...

Thanks for this Leo
One of the frustrating things the pro-dying brain folks like to say is
"well when someone’s brain is dying it pumps out massive amounts of endorphins, which is just like Morphine, and thats what makes you float and have NO FEAR of death.."
I am hear to tell you... I have done massive amounts of Morphine...Methadone and other opiate narcotics and they DO NOT reduce the fear of dying in any way or the fear of deathfor that matter ...I can buy the "makes you feel like your floating" argument maybe.. so do you know if "Endorphins" have successfully been synthesized? and other then Katamine, what if any other drugs are associated with the Near Death Experience??
Thanks Marty

Leo MacDonald said...

Hi Marty,

Here is an excellent post by Michael Prescott on his review of the Irreducible mind book, if addresses the ketamine argument among others.

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