Saturday, July 4, 2009

The End Of Materialism Book Written By Parapsychologist Charles Tart

On Michael Prescott's blog he also talks about Charles Tart's new book called the " the end of materialism". Here i like to discuss why i agree on his view that materialism is indeed a dead end when it comes to consciousness. By the way before i tell you why i agree with his viewpoint. I like to show you where you can purchase his new book at.

Now that is out of the way, here is why i agree with his opinion on this matter. One reason is based on the strong supportable replicated data for psi phenomena, this here conflicts heavily with materialism, because in a materialistic worldview these phenomena are impossible. Second reason is the evidence for survival of bodily death, this evidence comes from many sources as i have outlined many times on this blog. But for the first time lookers on this blog, the evidence would be the cross correspondences, drop in communicators, the scole experiment, the pye record experiment, cases of patients in cardiac arrest and clinical death seeing things while being flatlined. That later are verified by health professionals. Other evidence would be particular cases of apparitions, xenoglossy and some poltergeist phenomena.

Also the work done by Dr. Jim Tucker and Dr. Ian Stevenson on past life experiences, birthmarks that match the deceased person. Other evidence would proxy sittings, afterdeath communications and induced after death communications, instrumental transcommunication, electronic voice phenomena, direct voice communication, automatic writing, book tests and newspaper tests. A third reason is the failure of materialism to reduce subjective experience down to the brain.

Also by the way Charles Tart has his own blog now up and running.

Hopefully sometime in the future i will be able to pick up this book at my local library, because i look forward to reading it.

Here is Michael Prescott's post on this topic as well.

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