Saturday, July 11, 2009

Met A Girl A Few Weeks Ago And It Went Great

Her name is January she's 28 years old, i am 24 years old we met on plentyoffish. We chatted their for awhile and then we shared our msns together and chatted there. We met eachother a few weeks ago on a sunday afternoon, i met her at a gas station then we walked to my home. She got to see my mom and then i showned her around the house. She's amazing we had a lot of fun together we also have a lot in common she likes animals so do i. She likes a lot of music that i like too plus she likes horror movies like me.

She stayed for supper to my mom cooked up some hamburgers and strawberries with whip cream for dessert. It was delicious we went for a short walk too holding eachother's hands. We did a lot of cuddling too and kissing and some hugging. She told me too she is coming down for two weeks in August which will be great. She told me my pics don't do me justice [flattering]. She told me she likes my eyes which is awesome, i told her i really like the inside of her the most. She said the same thing that is what truly counts [smiles].

She said she feels very short around me hehe me being 6'5 and her being 5'5 hehe. She told me she likes tall guys which is good. She's from Sherbrooke I am from New Glasgow yes a little distance there but we really connect well with eachother.

She is around an amazing women, someone who is definitely worth waiting for. She has great parents too their down to earth too like my parents are. We are now in a open relationship, taking it slow which is a good thing. Because you never want to rush into something. I really love her smile too it makes me light up inside. I told her my birthday was in August too so she marked that down. Her birthday is in January so i will indeed will remember too. She smokes i don't but that is perfectly fine with me. We all have our addictions for sure.

She sang too me too which was great and i was singing some to her too, she told me that is the first time she sang to someone. Also the first time she felt comfortable around a guy. In the beginning yes i was nervous but that worn out because i was getting comfortable with her. Can't wait to together again with her hopefully soon.

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