Monday, October 5, 2009

Self Awareness? Astral Body? Or Both Options For The Survival Hypothesis

There are three options when it comes the survival hypothesis that could be true. Of course for us to survive death we would need self awareness along with the astral body. If we just had the astral body that is similiar but slightly different than the physical body then it would be just a zombie without self awareness. That is what makes us who we are. Also if only self-awareness survive death but no astral body then their is endless reincarnation. But if both remain intact once we die then an afterlife plus the possibility of reincarnation as well would be factual. To me after looking at all of the evidence that supports the survival hypothesis i would have to go with self awareness+astral body both remain intact after biological death of the physical body.

Here is a list of some of the phenomena that appear to point towards one or more of the options above.

Reincarnation evidence [Ian Stevenson's 21 best cases]- Indicative of self awareness surviving death but not indicative of an astral body also surviving

Best Evps- Indicative of self awareness

Cross Correspondences- Indicative of self awareness

Apparitions- Indicative of Astral Body

Nde/obe- Indicative of both

Drop In communicators- Indicative of self awareness

Here is a post by Michael Prescott that is related to this post.

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