Saturday, October 10, 2009

What Are Psi Believers Which We Are Called Mean By Materialists?

Well we don't mean a materialist in the way of material goods such as money. What we mean is the view that all of reality is material and that their is nothing beyond the material reality we are in. A lot of materialists lately use the new scientist article " Creationists declare war on the brain", as a factual report on how dualists are similiar to creationists in the way they devise arguments. This of course is completely false, that is like saying an orange is similiar to an apple. The difference is that their is overwhelming evidence that supports dualism where creationism relies on the bible, a book that is based on faith. Typically materialists say we the mind is separate from the brain along with consciousness then whatever scientist proved that would get a nobel prize. How ironic is that but when a dualist points out the fact that a appeal of authority for example the majority of neuroscientists believe mind is a process of the brain doesn't mean it's true.

This of course, strikes a nerve at the materialist. But it doesn't end there no the materialist claims their is verifiable repeatable evidence that mind is a process of the brain that we had this evidence for over 50 years. Of course if we really did have this evidence then the case would be closed. There would be no hard problem of consciousness.

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