Monday, September 17, 2007

Is There A Way To Explain The Evidence For Survival After Death And Psi In Our Current Physic's Model

I would say NO the laws of physics only cover out part of reality it does not explain all of reality. Yes there is the many world's interpretation surposing billions and biliions of parallel universes which in some there could be identical copies of me and you with the same personality, memories etc.] Now this is a way to keep the possibility of survival after death out of the way because the many world's interpretation does not say mind is separate from the brain but supports the production theory because you have multiple bodies and minds that are sometimes identical in this theory. I have read on skeptical investigations a spectacular website and lots of information on it about the skeptics v.s parapsychologists. That David Decsthe a physicist you said about the topic Telepathy ''Utter Rubbish, Telepathy simple does not exist. Now he does not mention that he did any research in it but that he already made up this mind that it is rubbish I very unscientific way to things.

Here's what Dr. Susan Balckmore said about her work in Psi

So why didn’t I give up then? There are lots of bad reasons. Admitting you are wrong is always hard, even though it’s a skill every scientist needs to learn. And starting again as a baby in a new field is a daunting prospect. So is losing all the status and power of being an expert. I have to confess I enjoyed my hard-won knowledge.

…None of it ever gets anywhere. That’s a good enough reason for leaving.

But perhaps the real reason is that I am just too tired - and tired above all of working to maintain an open mind. I couldn’t dismiss all those extraordinary claims out of hand. After all, they just might be true …

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