Wednesday, September 19, 2007

James Randi's Recent Interview On Skeptiko

I could not help but to laugh at this interview he calls himself an investigator of the paranormal but he is not if he was he would of taken the open invitation Professor Gary Schwartz gave him to see how the experiments are done with his Mental Mediumship Experiments however he declined and made a personal bias opinion that they are flawed. Also I am sure that other parapsychologist would also invite James Randi to there experiments but James Randi does not want that he wnats to form an bias opnion without investigating. Susan Blackmore has admitted that it is hard to keep an open mind to psi it's no wonder why she never receive any positive results he never really was a believer in psi or even a neutral assessor to it. The same with Richard Wiseman he admits that his data does match Rupert Sheldrakes but that does not matter right not to Richard Wiseman no it is to use a bias opinion by saying Rupert Sheldrake reults are somehow flawed.

Now onto Derren Brown an mentalist claiming that he can do the same thing as mediums can do there is no doubt there are a lot of fraudalent mediums out there but not all are frauds. He uses cold reading and other methods like hot reading and warm reaing but that does not explain away the high evidential information being tranmitted sometimes by mediums such as John Edwards.

Another skeptic Criss Angel says he can do a lot of tricks he calls them that all mediums do and also the phenomena called Levitation but has he even researched the evidence NO.

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