Sunday, March 2, 2008

Is Death the end? or is there life after death? or superpsi?

There are three options we have that will be awaiting us before we die

Oblivion/Extinction Hypothesis - This is what all materialists assume also lots of mainstream scientists that when the brain dies consciousness ceases to exist. However that assumption is based on the production theory the case at hand is what type of functional dependancy of cerbral action there is. Is it productive or transmissive/permissive as Sir William James clearly points out in his article two supposed objections to the doctrine of immortality

Super Psi Hypothesis- There is no evidence for this theory however there is lots of evidence for psi in the living however just because there is lots of evidence for psi does not mean we should expand it to try and cover the data for the survival hypothesis.

Survival Hypothesis- There is lots of evidence which has been dicussed many times on this blog.

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