Monday, March 24, 2008

Possible Dream Interpretations part 2

navy- if you dream of being in the navy, you will have many admirers of the opposite sex.

narcissus- your friends are likely to make fun of you if you dream of this lovely flower. it is a warning against your self esteem.

lynx- a young woman who dreams of having a fur piece made of lynx will marry a handsome editor or author.

head- a disembodied head seen in a dream is a sign of a new situation in your life that must be met with fortitude and good sense.

fad- a new and interesting fad in your dream portends a series of adventures that will take you far afield.

fakir- these east indian holy men met with a dream are a forecast of being digusted by the behavior of one of your close relatives.

dizziness- you are likely to take a transcontinental trip by plane if you dream of being dizzy.

doctor- to dream of consulting a doctor foretells an accident. seeing a doctor socially is a good sign, for it means better business and happy social contacts.

amethyst- this semi-precious gem prognosticates sadness through the loss of a relative or a friend.

blinking- a person or animal blinking his eyes points toward a situation in which you will be required to use great tact.

bray- to hear an ass bray predicts bad news.

breviary- reading this religious book in a dream is an augury of peace of mind.

buttonhook- calm days ahead are predicted by a dream of using a buttonhook.

catfish- it is a portent of good luck to dream of catching or eating catfish.

david- if you dream of david, the biblical character, fighting with the giant goliath, you will prevail over those who seek to do you harm.

depot- to dream of seeing a depot means a change of residence or that you will live in some foreign country. a depot signifies change.

devotion- to dream of devotional services or devotion in other ways foretells a faithful and loving mate.

buckshot- loading a gun with buckshot is a warning dream against giving way to bursts of ungovernable temper.

pig- a dream of pigs in a sty predicts a comfortable home, children, and plenty to eat and drink.

pine- a pine tree in a dream is a sign of health and well being whether it is a large or small one.

pioneer- to dream of pioneering in a uncultivated country points to success in your chosen work.

pith helmet- you will visit a tropical country if you dream of wearing a pith helmet.

polp- you will be remembered in some wealthy person's will if you dream of playing polo or watching other plays.

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