Sunday, March 23, 2008

Possible dream interpretations part 1

Here's some definitions of what some dreams possibly mean.

completion- it is a sign of easier living conditions to dream that you have completed a job on which you have been working.

drowning- to dream of drowning forebodes bitter sorrows.

beck- to dream of being at someone's beck augurs better pay for those who work with their hands.

campfire girl- this dream is a sign of contentment in family life and pride in one's children.

flower- luck will follow dreams of most of the garden flowers. wild flowers predict adventure.

education- to dream of working hard at your studies, trying to get an education, signifies that you will receive honors and know success but not in a cultural way.

granite- to dream of blocks of granite portends sickness and a slow recovery.

coal mine- a dream of working in a coal mine is a forerunner of an increase in wages to those engaged in a manual labor.

alder- an alder tree seen in a dream is an omen of happiness for those with high ideals.

badge- wearing a badge in a dream foretells social advancement.

biplane- this dream predicts that you will have success through your own steady efforts.

big game- to dream of tracking or shooting big game is a prediction of success in manufacturing enterprises.

bill- to receive bills for rent, board or merchandise in a dream is a sign of impending good fortune.

bid- making a bid at an auction or other sale is a preclude to disappointment.

horsefly- minor annoyances are portended by a dream of being bitten by a horsefly.

adobe- houses made of this sun-dried brick are a favorable omen for seamstresses.

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