Friday, May 30, 2008

Beyond Belief Conferences

I like to discuss a conference that brings together a bunch of scientists that are strongly against religion. Now I can see why in a way that is but then again trying to push a so called cult of reason on people as if you don't agree your just deluded. This hits me as ignorant and not allowing other scientists with a different view to elt their voice be heard but that ratherly happens it seems. I went to google and clicked on video their was a 2006 conference that had anthesiologist Stuart Hameroff as a guest speaker after explaining in great detail why neurocomputation can't explain consciousness. He got imploded by a bunch of scientists in the audience mostly materialists one said what he said was a bunch of nonsense.

You can watch it here

I also want to comment on a video also in 2006 which also involved the beyond belief conference. They had Physicist Neil Degrasse Tyson talking about what he calls stupid design

his evidence for this is


Earthquakes and Volcanoes level cities and villages
Tsunamis- kill 150,000
Floods/Tornadoes/Hurricanes/Lightening Strikes
Can't live on 2/3 of its surface
Freeze and starve on half of what remains
Mass extinctions- disease/climate shift/killer asteroids
90 percent of all life that ever lived is now extinct
Inner Solar system is a shooting gallery
3.5- billion years to make multi-cellular life.


Narrow view of electromagnetic spectrum
Warm-blooded must eat constantly compared to crockodiles.
Can't detect magnetic fields,ionizing radiation fields, Radon CO,CH4,CO2
Exhale most of oxygen we inhale
Vision loss with age-teeth fall out-Alzheimers-prostate cancer
Aggressive Childhood Lukemia, hemophila, sickle cell anemia, multiple sclerosis, epilepsy, Parkinsons, ALS.

150,000 babies die per year in the USA from birth defects caused by humans such as alcohol, drugs etc.]

He says yes there are things that are beautiful he says but then you stop looking at things that confound that revelation. Like if i came across a frozen waterfall and struck me for all of its beauty I would then turn over the rock and try to find a millipede or somekind of deadly nute and put then in context and find out that the universe is not here for us.

You drink, eat, breath through the same hole in your body quaranting that some percentage of us will choke to death every year.

Then finally he mentions the sexual organ in men and woman he says no designer or engineer would design that ever.

The video can be found here

My opinion on the first and second video

The first video obviously was sadly a failure to try to sway the neurocomputationlists over it sadly didn't work there too stuck in their materialistic worldview.

The second video no intelligent design scientist ignores what he mentions. Some of the stuff especially birth defects can be explained by humans doing the wrong things like drugs etc the designer allows us the have free will but what we do with the earth is up to us.

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