Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Finding new haunted locations near you

Personally I would imagine that I'm not the only one to get bored with the same old well known haunted locations to wander around in time after time. Being from the Chicagoland area's S.W. side and during my whole forty plus years of me being only five to fifteen minutes from such locations as Resurrection Cemetery (home of Resurrection Mary), Bachelor's Grove Cemetery, Monk's castle and such, it pretty much becomes the same old thing wandering around the same old locations. I'm sure that feeling is felt by many others pertaining to the areas around where they may live. Sure I know some who keep wandering back to a location like Bachelor's Grove Cemetery and shoot up to 100 photos each time, to try and capture something paranormal with the camera (sometimes you have to squint your eyes real tight to see what they see in the photo), and that is fine for them. I guess I'm lucky that most of the times that I do wander at a paranormal location with camera in hand, I catch paranormal images on my journey out to the location and only shoot about 15 photos, but doing so by using my feelings and abilities to direct me on where to shoot, then after that one time at the location I may never pull a camera out at the location again, and for sure I will not pull one out if I'm taking a group to a location.

So what is one to do about finding new paranormal locations?

I've been lucky in discovering some by being drawn to them, one is Senator John Humphrey House. Also having people tell me about locations that few others know about or the location has not yet hit the paranormal map of places to go and investigate.

But yet each individual reading this may (most likely do have), un-discovered paranormal locations right there in their face every day. The Paranormal Investigators should of been on these type of locations before even reading this article, at least to take their new group team members too, so to practice at and get some hands on experience, as most of these type of locations fit the 'it could be haunted due to' - check list.

They are the ' Road Side Memorials ' dedicated to those who have died due to some type of accident at the location. These are those locations on the side of the road that you pass and they may have a cross set up, flowers, maybe photos of the individual(s), that died at the location or some other type of tribute placed at the spot of sudden death.

One has to remember most of these are fresh spots or locations, so the energy of the departed soul and the accident more then likely still lingers and is fresh. Plus one has to also remember that the emotional energy of those loved ones that set up the memorials dedicated to the love one they lost at the location, may keep the spirit there for awhile.

So just maybe this article will give at least one individual a new location that could be discovered by them, by just going to locations that others just look at and ignore the possibilities that may just be waiting to be discovered.
Happy Hauntings,

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