Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Institute plans paranormal warning system

The arlington institute, a non-profit think tank specialising in predictive modelling of future events, hopes to utilise paranormal powers to provide an early warning of impending disasters or other critical events, such as acts of terrorism. British psychic Chris Robinson, who claims to see the future in dreams, is working with the Institute on the project.The arlington institute (TAI), which was founded nearly 20 years ago by futurist John L. Petersen, has identified why previous attempts to harness psychic powers through premonition bureaux were unsuccessful. They were not equipped with a system of processing reports of dreams and predictions automatically, which meant “the ability to effectively analyse the input was severely limited".Present technology, it adds, overcomes these shortcomings. It can also give feedback to those submitting narratives, maintaining their interest in the process. So, for the first time, it has evolved a scheme -called the WHETHEReport -which it describes as an unprecedented early-warning system.The Internet will play a key role. A web portal will be used to collect anonymous "narratives of significant intuitions of all forms, including dreams, visions [and] overwhelming feelings".An announcement of this "revolutionary new global strategic early warning capability" explains: "TAI has constructed a plan for a new, unconventional anticipatory analysis tool which offers humanity an unprecedented potential to anticipate surprise events. WHETHEReport will function as a global sensing and analysis network -using aggregate human intuition as its intelligence source." This plan, it adds, is based on the following assumption: "The ability to image fragments of the future (particularly in dreams) seems to appear both generally in broad populations of people and specifically and more accurately in special individuals.

"Those individuals, it points out, have been used by law enforcement and intelligence communities. It adds: "The most notable perhaps is Christopher Robinson of the UK, who for 15 years worked very successfully for Scotland Yard and other British intelligence and security services anticipating IRA bombings, drug movements, etc.

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