Thursday, July 3, 2008

Another Interesting Piece of evidence in support of near death experiences

Another piece of evidence in support that they are not brain based. Some individuals have described in amazing detail, facts about their physical surroundings that they should not have been able to know. Some have described details of medical procedures performed on them. Some have related memories of conversations that others had during their medical emergencies or even described the jewelry and clothing worn from those around them.

Some accounts have given verified details about what happened outside the immediate room, down the hallway, or even miles away. The amount of verification is sometimes staggering. People blind from birth have correctly visual details of things around them and outside their presence. Many of these near-death details were of events occurring when the individual had no heartbeat or brain wave activity, as indicated by ''flat EKG and EEG readings, sometimes over lengthy periods of time.

Atheist philosopher Antony Flew attests that NDE's certainly constitute impressive evidence of the possibility of the occurence of human consciousness independent of any occurences in the human brain. This evidence equally certainly weakens if does not completely refute my argument against doctrines of a future life''.

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