Thursday, July 3, 2008

Mind Body Problem

To me the mind is information, the brain is a receiver, consciousness is the soul [signal] and the spirit realms is the transmission. Materialist's assume that memory is somehow stored in the brain, one reason for this is diseases such as alzheimers appear to wipe out memory. However, it appears their are documented cases of patients claiming to have their memory coming back.

For example in Irreducible Mind Book

There are scattered reports of people apparently recovering from dementia shortly before death. The eminent physician Benjamin Rush, author of the first American treatise on mental illness, observed that "most of mad people discover a greater or less degree of reason in the last days or hours of their lives". Similarly, in his classic study of hallucinations, Brierre de Boismont noted that "at the approach of death we observe that ... the intellect, which may have been obscured or extinguished during many years, is again restored in all its integrity". Flournoy mentioned that French psychiatrists had recently published cases of mentally ill persons who showed sudden improvement in their condition shortly before death....

[Other examples of more recent vintage follow. Then:]

Such cases are few in number and not adequately documented, but the persistence of such reports suggest that they may represent a real phenomenon that could potentially be substantiated by further in traditions. If so, they would seriously undermine the assumption that in such diseases as Alzheimer's the mind itself is destroyed in lockstep with the brain. Like many of the experiences discussed in this chapter, such cases would suggest that in some conditions, consciousness may be enhanced, not destroyed, when constraints normally supplied by the brain are sufficiently loosened.[Pages 410-411]

Of course the mind body problem is still with us, however the mind body problem could soon be solved. I don't think it will be solved by physicalism.

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