Saturday, July 12, 2008

Skeptics Says Why Do People Believe In Nonsense Like A Soul

Skeptics such as Neurologist Steven Novella and Dr. Susan Blackmore among others see the general public as gullible believers. Of course maybe they are correct, but then again maybe they aren't. I feel strongly that they are wrong based on the extensive reading I have done on evidence for survival of bodily, psi phenomena and other phenomena.

Dr. Steven Novella reminds me more about someone who likes to advocate their position than lead the scientific method. For example, he says all predictions of materialism mind equals brain function have been validated really?. What Psychophysiological influence such as Stigmata, Sudden whitening of hair or skin, Meditation and Healing, Sudden and voodoo death, Psychoneuroimmunology, Postponement of death, Faith Healing, Specific Physiological Changes Appearing Spontaneously, Maternal Impressions, Community of sensation, Suggestion at a distance, Distant Intentionality Studies: Clinical and Experimental, Sympathetic Symptoms, Yogis, etc.

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