Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Are The Materialist's Right I would Say No

I a lot of times wonder if the materialist's are right and that their is no meaning in life, no afterlife, no free will, no god. But when I look at the evidence and my own personal experiences I see that the evidence does in fact point towards the above mentioned things.

Then when all natural explanations are ruled out

Currently, there are three prevailing theories regarding non-physical consciousness:

1. Survival of Consciousness — there is life after death and some recognizable part of our consciousness goes on to live beyond the body and talk to mediums.

2. Super-Psi — the medium retrieves the information using clairvoyance, precognition, and/or telepathy (collectively called “psi”) with the living.

3. Psychic Reservoir — all information since the beginning of time is stored somehow and somewhere in the universe and mediums are accessing that cosmic store rather than communicating with the deceased.

Their still is psychic reservoir theory and super psi theory. That could explain away all the evidence for survival however it appears now the evidence has tilted in favor of survival.

Now here comes the big questions

1. How long do we survive for? I would say that time does not exist so the afterlife goes on for forever.

2. Is the afterlife a dream like reality or a real reality? I ain't sure on that one could be a real reality.

3. Are spirits made up of a different type of energy and matter? I would say they are

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