Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Keith Augustine has updated his essay called Hallucinatory Near-Death Experiences. He expands greatly on mentioning his exchange with nde researchers called Does Paranormal Perception Occur in NDEs?

To me Keith Augustine completely underestimates probability theory. I mean their are thousands of near death experience with apparent accurate out of body perceptions. Now Keith mentions some cases which appear to show that some nde's are hallucinatory.


Zetetic_chick said...

Nobody denies that some NDE's have Hallucinatory components, or that some hallucinations can be similar to NDEs:


Problem is that not all the NDE's cases are hallucinatory (e.g. the cases of "veridical" perceptions). These are the cases that refutes materialism and support the afterlife hypothesis.

If I claim that "All crows are black", you refute my claim proving that only ONE crow is white (or of any other color different than black). No amount of black crows will refute the few examples of white crows that refute my claim about crows being always black.

Many cases of hallucinatory NDEs don't refute the cases of veridical NDEs.

In my opinion, it's the core of Augistine's fallacy.

Invisible Pills said...

I would lean towards ZC with agreement, I think the biggest thing K.A. proposes is that it is not conclusive in an absolute sense where doubt is truly eliminated and thus can not truly be considered scientific evidence. As with the veridical perception cases, these "cases" are really over-stated, and when they have fallen under scrutiny the holes of these cases are exposed.

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