Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Things I Did Today At Coop 3

1. Did two big boxes of cardboard
2. Put out some bulk pumpkins
3. I put out a 50 lb bag of bulk turnups
4. Did 4 and a half boxes of bulk bananas
5. Bagged them all up
6. I marked them all down
7. I put out 10 5 lb bags of carrots
8. I put out 15 bags of 3 lb bags of mcintosh apples
9. Put out some bulk bananas
10. Put out 10 5 lb bags of onions
11. Trimmed up a box of iceberg lettuce
12. Bagged them all
13. Put them all out
14. Put out a box of bulk tangerine oranges
15. Put out some bulk green beans
16. I trimmed up some cabbages
17. Put them all out
18. Bagged up some potatoes
19. Reduced them all down

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