Saturday, October 11, 2008

Things I Did Yesterday At Coop

1. Did a bunch of markdowns
2. Did the bakery
3. Sweep the floor
4. Put out some red bulk onions
5. Put out some brocoli
6. Bagged up some bananas
7. Put out some iceberg lettuce
8. Put out a bag of 2 lb bags of carrots
9. Counted bags of cranberries
10. Put out some white bulk onions
11. Put out a couple of cauliflower'
12. Put out 1 and a half boxes of bulk bananas
13. Cleaned out 3 big sinks with sos pad
14. Put out some bags of 5 1b carrots
15. Put out a bag of green beans
16. Put out a box of bulk yams
17. Put out a bag of 2 lb bags of parnsips

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