Thursday, November 20, 2008

Materialists Say Ghosts, Esp And Other Paranormal Phenomena Are Impossible

This is a typical response from a materialist. I was once a strong atheist myself until i started to have paranormal experiences that defy conventional explanations. I tried fitting them into possibilities such as fraud, seeing patterns but none are there etc.] But those explanations couldn't fit the facts of what I was experiencing. Another ridiculous response from materialists is that mostly it's religious people would experience ghosts etc. Completely untrue, that is if you research this topic you would find out that isn't true.

One materialist which his screename is Hyndis did make one good point. He said that a lot of ghost pictures are blurry out of focus photography. I agree to a certain extent that pictures of supposed ghosts won't work. Because, anyone can doctored up a picture or we could be seeing patterns. I saw some pictures that do look like ghosts, however you could say they were doctored up or i was seeing patterns where nothing exists at all. However how about the evidence collected by psychical research on apparitions? Like the work done on apparitions by FWH Myers, among other phenomena.

I didn't get any response from him. He probably never even went to the article on apparitions. No surprise there.

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