Thursday, November 27, 2008

Objections To The Idea That Their Is a Soul

First is that materialist's say that people believe that only homosapiens have souls. Not everyone thinks that some believes we all have souls which is what I agree with.

Another is our thoughts, feelings appear to be fragile when the brain is affected. This argument though true to an extent. It does have a major flaw. That being it doesn't entail that thoughts, feelings etc.] can't go on without a brain. Why? Because as mentioned before their is more than one way to look at the mind brain relationship. If their's is an astral body which i believe their is those memories, thoughts, feelings are transmitted to that body when we die.

Of course I can only speculate but one thing is certain, at least to me that their is overwhelming scientific evidence for an afterlife of some kind.

Another piece of data that I haven't come across until now which also appears to support the view that the brain acts like a radio.

Doctor Gerald Schroeder has put forward a theory that the human brain acts as a “radio” - picking up the data of the mind, the mind which is external to the body, and adding individual experiences and feelings back into the collective.

This is supported by experiments conducted by the David Lynch Foundation - whereby where a large collective focus and meditate upon peace and love, the crime level is statistically and dramatically reduced for a short time in that locality.

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