Monday, December 1, 2008

European Weekly Long Range Outlook

Here is what the long range european weekly forecast is saying for North America.

Dec 8-14

--Drier than normal pattern over Alaska
--Normal temperatures and slightly below-normal precipitation across British Columbia and the Pacific northwest.
--Dry and warmer than normal over the Southwestern U.S. west of the Divide.
--Drier and slightly colder than normal from the western Prairies down through the high Plains of the U.S., including the front range.
--Much colder than normal with normal precipitation from the eastern Prairies down through the eastern U.S. Plains, Midwest, Ohio Valley and Ontario. Above normal snowfall in the usual lake-effect snow belts.
--Below-normal temps and slightly drier than normal over the Southeastern U.S.
--Below-normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation from the northern Middle Atlantic states through New England, southern Quebec and the western Maritimes.
--Normal cold and above-normal precipitation from the eastern Maritimes through Newfoundland.

Dec 15-21

--Dry pattern over western Alaska with normal temperatures.
--Well below-normal temperatures from eastern Alaska and the Yukon Territory through the Northwest Territories, down into the Prairies and into the northern U.S. Plains and Midwestern U.S. Generally drier than normal in northern and western part of this region, but frequent clipper storms could lead to normal snowfall from Saskatchewan to the Midwestern U.S.
--A piece of this well-below normal air could get west of the divide and spill into most of British Columbia.
--Normal temperatures and precip over the Southwestern U.S.
--Above-normal precipitation from the central Rockies through the Ohio Valley and lower Great Lakes and then into Northeastern U.S.
--Temperatures back to normal with normal precipitation in the Southeastern U.S.
--Below-normal temperatures from Ontario through Quebec and the Maritimes with normal precipitation. Plenty of Lake-effect snow again.
--Normal temperatures and precipitation for Newfoundland.

Dec 22-28

--Drier than normal over most of Alaska. Normal temperatures in the west to well below in the eastern part of the state.
--Bitterly cold (well below normal) from The Yukon Territory through western parts of the Northwestern Territories then down into the northern half of BC and the northern Prairies.
--Below-normal temps across the remainder of western Canada and into the northern half of the Pacific Northwest. Precipitation in this region below normal with the exception of the eastern slopes of the Rockies from Alberta to Montana where snowfall will be normal.
--Above-normal precipitation from the central Rockies through the central Plains and into the Midwestern U.S.
--Normal temperatures and precipitation across the Northeastern U.S., most of Ontario and Quebec.
--Slightly milder and drier compared to normal over the Southeastern U.S.
--Normal temperatures and above-normal precipitation over Newfoundland.

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