Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Do Materialist's Misuse The Use Of Critical Thinking

I think so that set it to a very new level. That any experience must CANNOT be paranormal in origin. Don't get me wrong their's nothing wrong with critical thinking but when it's push to the extreme to make someone closed minded. For example, let's take taps ghost hunters they say that 90 percent of reported apparitions they have investigated and turned about physical things. But when they say that 10 percent of it could be attributed to a paranormal origin. Well that's when someone like Phil Plait comes in and says no critical thinking is not used here. Basically all alleged paranormal happenings must be fraud, or physical in origin. Of course though I should point out taps wasn't completely sure that the 10 percent figure was correct. Because they say it's possible that the percentage might be higher. But nonetheless, as I said before I am much into ghost hunters I am more for researching to see what scientists have to say such as psychical researchers.

Their are many areas of evidence that support the survival hypothesis. Which has been I have mentioned numerous times.

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