Friday, December 19, 2008

Why It's Very Difficult To Do An Near Death Experiment

Why? you may ask here's why

The fact is if I was out of body experience too, I would be a lot more concern about my lifeless body down below and seeing possible dead relatives then seeing a sign up above. Their is a major problem for these nde experiments, and also if someone who was out of body did claim to see a sign above then the skeptics would say maybe they were peaking at it before they went unconsciousness. Look at the shoe on the ledge case of a woman claiming to see a shoe outside the building. But still the sceptics, say well maybe she looked out the window. Even if she did it still wouldn't, explain how she was able to describe how the shoelace was tugged into the toe of the shoe.

So I wouldn't be surprise if this new study done on near death experiences and out of body experiences done by Sam Parnia and others. Which you can find here.

That it produces negative results. But of course it may not but the likely heard is most of near death experiencers probably are more concerned about their lifeless body and seeing dead relatives then about a trival thing like a sign. I could be wrong. We will see.

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Reckless Divinity said...

Yes, I always wondered about these experiments. How could they expect someone who left their body to start looking for specific objects, not only that, but to remember them in light of the entire NDE experience!!! I mean come on, remember a sign on the ceiling or remember experiencing deceased relatives in an amazing scenary!!! Dr. Parnia is destined for failure and with that it will skew this NDE debate further.

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