Sunday, February 1, 2009


I have seen a lot of atheists with their hatred towards religion. Which i don't have a problem with but then they also have a hatred for the paranormal, not all of some do. Know it's probably true that some paranormal phenomena probably is not real such as orbs, the loctus monster, alien implants. What i am interested is, is where their is a massive amount of evidence. This appears to be in survival research and psi. Now a view that i would see as open minded would be a view called agnosticism. This view is the not sure attitude towards questions that surely are the big questions to life.

An atheist on the otherhand is confined to a worldview such as a believer is. So what would i call myself after looking at the evidence for life after death. Well i would say that i am convinced however that doesn't mean that i can't use critical thinking.


Reckless Divinity said...

Why do you not have a problem with hatred towards religion? Doesn't hatred of any form eventually breed intolerance? Are you an atheist?

Leo MacDonald said...

I would not say I am an atheist, I would say i am an agnostic. I don't believe any old ghost story that pops up i investigate first and do research then make up my own mind. Of course hatred does breed intolerance, my point was that some atheist take their worldview too far.

Reckless Divinity said...

You should read what I wrote about Agnosticism on my blog. I wonder if you would agree or disagree.