Sunday, February 22, 2009

Non Locality And Psychic Phenomena

Can the theories of Non Locality and Quantum Entanglement explain psychic phenomena such as telepathy?. It could, we know that elementary systems cannot communicate from point a to point b because of the non communication theorem. However psi effects could be pure correlations where signaling is not necessary.

Here is what physicist Dean Radin has to say about Quantum Entanglement and Non Locality.

As the latter. Before entanglement, our best understanding of the fabric of reality did not allow for spooky influences transcending space and time. Such influences are, of course, the hallmarks of psi experiences. So now we know that the physical world does allow for these types of connections. That's a major step in the right direction.

The next big advancement will be detection of entanglement in living systems, and I think it is there that the no-signaling prohibitions may be overcome. I.e., so far we've only seen quantum correlations in elementary systems, but that may be because elementary systems are not smart enough to modulate or use those correlations. Or, perhaps we can reframe psi effects into pure correlations, where signaling is not necessary. (I discuss all this in Entangled Minds.)

Here is also an new article in time called " The science behind psychic phenomena".,8599,1868287,00.html

Here is the amazon review of the book

The review of miss powell new book at Amazon

"In science it is axiomatic that extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. Powell, a neuropsychiatrist who has taught at Harvard Medical School, certainly makes extraordinary claims about the four basic psychic abilities: telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance and precognition. But her evidence is consistently below par. She relies on self-reported claims by psychics, hundred-year-old newspaper accounts and the results of studies published by organizations like the Journal of the American Society for Psychical Research rather than in reputable, peer-reviewed scientific journals (and sometimes she cites no source at all). Powell is woefully short on mechanisms to explain the phenomena she claims are so common, although she does turn to quantum physics to assert that molecular resonance and the space-time continuum are likely responsible, and she finds evolutionary explanations for the existence of psychic phenomena. She claims, for instance, that psychic events are related to dreaming, which may have evolved so babies, who mostly sleep, can detect threats and communicate them psychically to their parents. Undaunted by the weak evidence, Powell asserts that she is on the forefront of a Copernican revolution of the mind. (Jan.)"

My response to that is Powell is trying to find natural explanations for these phenomena. What is wrong with that?. I mean materialists say if psi phenomena is real it must be natural. Also peer reviewed scientific journals only deal with phenomena that is compatible with naturalism. Phenomena outside naturalism is not dealt with by peer reviewed journals, but are dealt with by parapsychological journals.

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