Monday, February 23, 2009

What is Ectoplasm?

According to some psychical researchers it is a biological substance emitted by materialization mediums. If you look at some of the pictures of this ectoplasm coiming out of their mouth it doesn't look like a substance but like cheesecloth. Of course it may only look that way. The problem though if its cheesecloth and their is fraud taking place in many seance rooms. Then their is an accomplish, but how does a piece of cheesecloth form a apparent physical being which is warm blooded, a heart etc. Which many participants of seance room phenomena have experienced. Here is more about ectoplasm here:

A seemingly lifelike substance, solid or vaporous in nature, which allegedly extrudes from the body of a medium and can be transformed into materialized limbs, faces or even entire bodies of spirits. Ectoplasm often appears milky white in color and smells like ozone.

Coined by French physiologist Charles Richet in 1894 to explain the strange third arm, or PSEUDOPOD, emanating from EUSAPIA PALLADINO, ectoplasm comes from the Greek words ektos and plasma, meaning "exteriorized substance." But ectoplasm-like vapors had been observed surrounding D.D. HOME by SzR WIULAM CROOKW. And medium Madame desperance described being covered with luminous spiderwebs which eventually developed into a living organism. Earlier, a 17th-century philosopher named Vaughn described a substance he called "first matter" or "mercury" which seemed to be like ectoplasm. These extrusions often seemed warm to the touch, had weight, produced carbonic acid and seemed to wax and wane from the medium's body. They could also be cold and rubbery or doughlike. Emanations usually came from a body orifice, such as the mouth, ears and nose, but could also pour from the eyes, navel, nipples or vagina. Their structure varied from amorphous clouds to thin rods to a wide membrane resembling a net.

Also check out this chapter from Victor Zammit's book the case for the afterlife. It talks about ectoplasm.

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Darlene Cantrell said...

Actually, in Fact or Faked, they proved those pictures fake. What was on the cheesecloth was actually pictures of people. No offense, though. But it's true. The Fact or Faked crew (I forgot how) put their pictures on the cheesecloth. They then took a black and white picture of themselves (with the cheesecloth in their mouths). Then they found a match with a few of those pictures.

The video (if you want to see "Ectoplasmic Pic" skip through until you get to that part):

Video does not belong to me. Look below the video to see who posted it (on the bottom-left corner for those of you who don't use YouTube). If you use a mobile device you have to watch it on the computer. Like I guessed, syfyshows posted it.

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