Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Failure Of A Classical View Of The Mind Body Relationship

When a view fails to produce any evidence in it's favor we tend to look into another direction. This other direction would be Quantum Mechanics, for skeptics they see the meshing of consciousness and quantum physics as a non sequitor!. This is like saying well their is no reason whatsoever to look in quantum physics for the answer of consciousness, no let's keep looking at it from classical physics instead. A growing number of physicists, neuroscientists, and philosophers that consciousness could be a quantum mechanical phenomenon after all.


Their is a lot of talk that the brain is too warm to be performing quantum computations but that arguments appears to not to be true. However Hameroff refutes this argument put forth by Max Tegmark. He says that Tegmark's formula for the decoherence time includes a factor of the square root of T in the numerator, meaning that higher temperatures would lead to higher decoherence times. Tegmark's rejoinder keeps the factor of the square root of T for the decoherence time.

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