Friday, August 7, 2009

Rebuttal To Another That Is Used To Refute Mind Body Dualism

Here is another argument i have found recently being used against mind body dualism.

Well, do we have any proof there's such a thing as "immaterial sense organs"? How do they work exactly? For example, sound is the product of pressure oscillations in the air, so the immaterial body would need to have something that reacts to air pressure. But if it's immaterial, air doesn't exert pressure against anything, therefore an immaterial body can't possibly hear anything. Same argument can be made about sight and photons. So can you please explain the mechanisms of these immaterial sense organs?

Response: What we know is to communicate with spirits we do it through other people that are gifted we call them mediums. Not all mediums are genuine of course, many are frauds, deluded etc. However some have withstood the test of time such as Leonard Piper. That's not too say souls don't have immaterial sense organs but it's clear that need a medium another person to get their messages through to the grieving. Now what about out of body experiences and remote viewing evidence that shows that their probably is immaterial sense organs?. My view is that hearing, seeing all of these appear to be their the exact mechanisms of why this happens, is not time at this time. To hear sounds normally, we interact with sound waves. The immaterial soul would interact with these sound waves, remember when i say immaterial i am meaning it's subjective qualities not the entity itself. The entity itself is probably another kind of matter and energy. To a materialist their is no need of a immaterial soul to explain out of body experiences for example because of the fact that we hear sounds, see things etc, with our sensory organs interacting with physical processes. But the fact is when their is cardiac arrest the hearts stops and that cuts blood flow to the brain, the longer this goes on for the more brain damage occurs and so does the level of brain activity dramatically diminishes.

So for that said in order for Keith Augustine's theory of hallucinations to work their needs to be sufficent brain activity to account for the very high mental functions that go on in these experiences. But their is another problem here and that is patients appear to report things while being unconsciousness and very little brain activity that turn out to be accurate. These reports are colloborated by doctors and nurses. A skeptic route to take that some skeptics take is say their is no evidence for psi and survival of bodily death. This is dishonest in the extreme, because even skeptics that have read the literature may say that the evidence is very weak in their opinion but they do say that it's dishonest to say their is no evidence. I would agree with that, but i would not agree on the strength of the evidence being very weak but being very strong and overwhelming.

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