Monday, August 10, 2009

Is Memories Created, Stored and Retrived In The Brain?

I guess it depends on how you see this problem itself, for example their are many problems in the way memory relates to the brain itself. We as survivalists are apparently suppose to accept the so called hard truth that memories are somehow generated by the brain not filtered or received by the brain. No dualist denies that memory is related to the brain but where we differ from materialists is we see that memory could survive death after the brain is destroyed. Keith Augustine asks what would a survivalist consider proof of personal extinction after death?. First, the word proof their doesn't exist in science. Science deals with probability and evidence. With that said what evidence would convince a survivalist of personal extinction?. Well i'm sure if their was zero evidence for survival or very little of it then extinction would be more likely than not.

In my view that appears not to be the case. So why you may ask after researching and evaluating the evidence from both sides, why have i sided with survival?. Well the evidence looks to be consistent and overwhelming where the case against survival has many holes in it. But not just many holes either but the evidence used to support it can be interpreted to support survival.

Here are the 10 unsolved mysteries of the brain and mind

How is information coded in neural activity?
How are memories stored and retrieved?
What does the baseline activity in the brain represent?
How do brains simulate the future?
What are emotions?
What is intelligence?
How is time represented in the brain?
Why do brains sleep and dream?
How do the specialized systems of the brain integrate with one another?
What is consciousness?

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