Monday, April 14, 2008

Another interesting out of body perception case

Here's another interesting case I got this from the book called The Psychic Casebook- Real Encounters With The Paranormal By Craig Hamilton Parker I thought it was important to share it all with you here.

It's about a woman named Elizabeth Hyde after a severe asthma attack she was rushed to the hospital.

I vaguely recall waking in an oxygen tent and a lot of fuss going on around me. I don't know at what point I drifted out of my body, but I do know know that my heart stopped and I was rushed to the Resuscitation Ward. I could see myself attached to the ventilator with lots of wires connected to me. I could see a doctor, two nurses and bizaree sight of a man dresses in a bow tie and full evening suit.

Elizabeth then went into cardiac arrest, but witnesses the unfolding scene from outside her body.

I saw them all trying to restart my heart. I was in pain and felt no difficulty with my breathing. I was an onlooker, so to speak, watching myself in the hospital bed.

We had no telephone at home and I saw the police bring my husband to the hospital. Is there any hope? I heard him say. 'very little,' replied the man in the evening suit. That was the only moment I felt unhappy.

I felt myself falling down a tunnel and saw my life flash before me like a rapid series of camera pictures. Suddenly I was standing and feeling wonderful with a sense of lightness and happiness, and I knew that I was surrounded by a great love. Added to this was a feeling of tranquillity. I felt so well it was wonderful!

I then found myself standing to one side of a small arched bridge. There were people singing, not hymns but a lovely song of joy. There were colours such as I have never seen. I wanted to join them, but thoughts of my husband stopped me. There were also things that I still wanted to do in life., such as have a baby- but it was so very, very tempting to cross.

Standing on the bridge was a Jewish man holding a cross. He 'spoke' to me telepathically and asked, 'Are you ready to cross?'. I recall saying, 'No, No, No!' and then immediately returned to my body. I could now hear conversations going on around me in hte hospital. She slipping away,' they said. But I knew that I would live and started fighting the ventilator to prove that I could breathe by myself. 'Why can't these people see I'm not going to die>'

After four days Elizabeth was detached from the ventilator, transferred to a recovery ward and gradually got well.

The man who previously wore the evening suit when I was in a coma was now in a doctor's white coat as he walked into the ward. I asked the nurse about him. 'He's the surgeon who performed a tracheotomy operation on you to try and save your life,' said the nurse. ' I Know.' I replied, ' but why was he wearing a bow tie and evening suit?' The nurse was dumbstruck and then explained that they had to call him from a very dinner engagement!

I did have a child- a son, Simon, who is now 27. The previous year I had lost a baby, but I know he lives on and one day I will see him. I know I am lucky to have had such a wonderful experience.

Simon describes the impact Elizabeth's experience has had on the family:

Perhaps psychic gifts run in our family. Mum and I will try to call each other at exactly the same time. I know that Mum's experience helped her when the Dad died., as she is now convinced that there's an afterlife. As for me, I used to regularly see his spirit walk in my room when I was a little boy.

Skeptics will of course say that it is all an hallunication, but how could she have possibly have known that her surgeon was wearing a bow tie and evening suit? She was in a coma and having a tracheotomy performed. Elizabeth also knew that is was the police that brought her husband to the hospital, as she overheard the conversation, and also knew the doctor and two nurses tried to resuscitate her heart.

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