Monday, April 21, 2008



Probing sex life of supernaturals

GHOSTS have sex. This is the claim of Syed Abdullah Alattas, founder and chief investigator of Seekers Malaysia.

"We are doing research to find out their habits, behaviour, how they have sex and such," he said.
Syed Abdullah said some texts on religion also mentioned naughty and randy ghosts.
Dressed in a red T-shirt, a black leather vest and leather gloves and looking more like a well-heeled Mat Rempit rather than a ghost-buster, he bubbled with enthusiasm when discussing apparitions.
"The ghost-busting business is not cheap," he said, proudly displaying a high-tech sound detector which had cost him RM5,000.
"This can detect sounds from kilometres away."
On his ghostly experiences, he said: "Some of it is so weird that I cannot tell you about it. It might also be dangerous for me." He did not elaborate.
A "weird phenomenon", he said, was when one hears sounds never heard before or when one gets extremely cold for a second or two for no apparent reason or when one smells something never smelt before.
"You can feel it. Just because you cannot see it, doesn’t mean a ghost is not there."
He said he had been interested in ghosts from the age of eight when his mother had read him ghost stories.
Syed Abdullah, who was a business adviser before becoming a full- fledged ghost-buster, said ghost-busting was 40 per cent scientific and 60 per cent spiritual.
He and his team have also penned a book entitled The 33 Types of Ghosts, which will be published next month.

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