Friday, April 11, 2008

Update on evidence for survival of bodily death and evidence that the mind is more than the brain

1. minds change water crystals

2. the brain just reflects what the mind has already seen


4. The newspaper tests overcoming super esp

5. The book tests overcoming telepathy

6. The first book test

7. Replicable evidence for an anomalous information transfer

8. Channeling evidence for a pk effect to independent observers

9. The r-101 case

10. Ian Stevenson's reincarnation research

11. Anomalous Information Reception by Research Mediums Demonstrated Using a Novel Triple-Blind Protocol

12. Voices on tape electronic voice phenomena

13. Remote Viewing

14. The amazing DD Home

15. The honolulu case

16. The paranormal: the evidence and its implications for consciousness

17. The cross correspondences

18. Animals and the afterlife

19. Recordings of deceased people talking

20. The very best cases demonstrating the survival of the human personality after the demise of the physical body.

21. Psychic mediums beat million to one odds

22. The scole experiment

23. The proxy sittings

24. Verdical out of body perception cases's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm

1. The case of Al Sullivan: Al was a 55 year old truck driver who was undergoing triple by-pass surgery when he had a powerful NDE that included an encounter with his deceased mother and brother-in-law, who told Al to go back to his to tell one of his neighbors that their son with lymphoma will be OK. Furthermore, during the NDE, Al accurately noticed that the surgeon operating on him was flapping his arms in an unusual fashion, with his hands in his armpits. When he came back to his body after the surgery was over, the surgeon was startled that Al could describe his own arm flapping, which was his idiosyncratic method of keeping his hands sterile.

2. The case of the Chinese woman: The author Maggie Callanan in her 1993 book, Final Gifts, wrote about an elderly Chinese woman who had an NDE in which she saw her deceased husband and her sister. She was puzzled since her sister wasn't dead, or so she thought. In actuality, her family had hid her sister's recent death from her for fear of upsetting her already fragile health.

3. The case of Pam Reynolds:This is reported by Michael Sabom in his book Light and Death. Pam Reynolds underwent a very risky operation to remove an aneurysm from her brain, in which her brain was drained totally of its blood so that the doctors could clip off the swollen blood vessel. During this procedure, Pam had a deep NDE in which she saw all of the details of the operation and later reported on it with complete accuracy, even though she was "dead" by usual criteria (no heartbeat or respiration, and a flat EEG) for much of it.

4. Cases of the blind who can see: As recorded by Kenneth Ring in his book, Mind Sight, there is solid evidence for 31 cases in which blind people report visually accurate information obtained during an NDE.'s_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's%20NDE.htm's_nde.htm's_nde.htm's_2614_nde.htm

25. Blind woman sees during nde

26. Near death experiences

27. Out of body experiences

28. Consciousness more compatiable with quantum physics then classical physics

29. You can read the Irreducible Mind Book free here
for more evidence that the mind is irreducible to the brain such phenomena they discuss is stigmata, internal impressions etc.

30. The ganzfeld debate

31. Crisis apparitions

32. Biases and blinkering mentality

33. Effects of Frontal Lobe Lesions on Intentionality and Random Physical Phenomena

34. Observation of a pk effect under highly controlled conditions

35. Effects of Intentionally Enhanced Chocolate on Mood

36. Xenoglossy

37. Poltergeist phenomena

38. Apparitions and afterdeath contacts

39. The ouija board and drop in communicators

40. Reincarnation

41. Psychic laboratory experiments

42. Direct Voice Mediums

43. Deathbed Visions

44. Back from the dead?

45. Distinguished researches found evidence for survival after bodily death

46. Seeing without eyes

47. Various scientific studies on psi and life after death

48. Animal telepathy

49. Neuron firing is indeterminate

That is, the behavior of any given neuron and its firing is probabalistic. In other words, sometimes a neuron will fire under stimulus, and other times not. This is almost certainly because neural firing is mediated by the behavior of ions within the synaptic gap, and the behavior of those ions is subject to quantum fluctuations. Because the firing of a single neuron can be amplified through thousands or millions of other neurons throughout large areas of the the brain, and trigger motor neurons, this gives the possibility for individual quantum events to determine gross motor behaviors (shall I give the possible example of neurons controlling muscles in fingers typing a blog entry?). To a large degree, the brain can be seen as a device for magnifying the effects of quantum indeterminancy to the macro-scale, and if those quantum fluctuations are somehow influenced by consciousness, they can use them to drive behavior.

50. Scientific observation of mediums


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Leo MacDonald said...

I got them from somewhere's thanks for the comment.

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