Saturday, April 19, 2008

Here's a link to Mediums being prosecuted if they cannot justify their claims

This is typical media's spin on it saying that it's all anedoctal evidence no mention of the cross correpondences, the newspaper and book tests, Gary Schwartz and Julie Beischel experiments on mediums, the proxy sittings, the willet scripts.

Here's skeptic Professor Richard Wiseman

Psychologist Prof Richard Wiseman has spent 15 years investigating psychics, healers and mediums and is unconvinced.

"Anecdotal evidence on their abilities is impressive, but if you put it under more scientific conditions, their claims tend to crumble. [Now] they will need to be able to justify the claims they are making."

They do? they did not crumble in the cross correspondences, the recent study done on mediums by swedish psychical researchers.

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